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12 Benefits of Post Lipo Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic massage after surgery provides multiple benefits including:

  1. Decreases swelling in affected areas by elimination of excessive interstitial fluid.

  2. Reduces bruising by removing blood deposits in soft tissue.

  3. Improves pain as a result of decreased edema, bruising and less inflammation.

  4. Promotes healing by optimizing tissue microcirculation and decreasing edema.

  5. Enhances the immune system by promoting inflow of fresh immune cells into the surgical area.

  6. Decreased inflammation by reducing number and inflammatory signaling of body pro-inflammatory molecules.

  7. Promotes synthesis of collagen as a result of normalizing natural physiological recovery mechanisms in surgical areas.

  8. Improves skin quality by eliminating edema, detoxification and stimulating collagen production.

  9. Improves scarring by creating optimal healing conditions in scarred areas.

  10. Detoxifies soft tissue by facilitating elimination of excessive fluid and debris.

  11. Reduces physiological and psychological stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system .

  12. Improves aesthetic results by optimizing body contour during the healing process.

Note: The magnitude of body inflammatory reaction after liposuction is often underestimated. Any surgery results in the immediate significant inflammation in the affected areas of the soft tissue that results in swelling, bruising and pain. Liposuction, in particular, is associated with a much more pronounced inflammatory reaction due to the nature of the procedure. Although liposuction is seminally minimally invasive, vacuum aspiration (or tearing fatty tissue to a small particles and sucking it out) is perfumed over the large surface area thus causing significant swelling, pain and bruising.

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