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Do I need Lymphatic Massage after liposuction?

Lymphatic Massage (LM) after liposuction is highly recommended by healthcare professionals. Due to the large number of benefits LM has recently become widely popular and frequently used in postoperative recovery. Reducing edema after surgery with LM is highly recommended by plastic surgeons and massage therapists to enhance recovery after plastic surgery procedures. Overall, adding LM to the postoperative regimen results in much faster recovery, less discomfort and superior aesthetic appearance.

Note: LM performed by a qualified professional should be recommended after almost every cosmetic procedure. Although, LM most commonly performed after liposuction it is beneficial after wide variety of cosmetic surgical procedures. LM can be successfully incorporated into postoperative recovery after


  • If you are considering liposuction - ask your surgeon regarding opinion about LM postoperatively before undergoing surgery.

  • If LM is recommended - ask beforehand where it can be done and how soon it can be started.

  • If you plan to have multiple cosmetic procedures involving multiple body areas (for example, breast lift, tummy tuck and flank liposuction ) consider discussing with your therapist performing LM over all the affected body areas and not just areas where liposuction was performed.

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